Check-in is after 4:00 PM. Upon arrival go immediately to the Orange Lake Activity Desk in the reception area of the mail lodge at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa ®. A credit card imprint will be required to guarantee payment of any and all Personal Charges* during your stay.

Check-out time is 10:00 AM. All Personal Charges* must be paid at the time of check-out.

* Personal Charges may include long distance phone charges, extra cleaning and maid service, video rental, food and beverage charge, repair or replacement of any Common Furnishings on account of loss or damage occurring during period other than ordinary wear and tear, and any late fees.

A villa is reserved when the owner receives 50% of the total amount of rent for the desired use. Guests are not required to sign a rental contract.

A receipt for the deposit and confirmation number will be emailed to the guest along with directions to the resort and instruction for checking in and checking out.

A balance reminder will be sent to the guest. The balance is required no less than 4 days prior to arrival.

Deposit and balance amount can to be paid by credit card or check mailed to owner: Anthony Tamel at 10870 South Nicholson Road, Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154.

Gift certificates can be purchased at a 10% discount anytime after making your deposit to stay at the resort and will be sent by registered mail. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash and can only be used at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa.

Please notify owner immediately if you wish to cancel, at 414-881-8886 or email your request to atamel@lakegenevavillas.com.

Since the villa is a timeshare, the owner will lose the amount of time a guest has agreed to stay if the reservation is cancelled; unless the owner has time protection insurance. Therefore, any deposit or payment made for rental will be forfeited unless the guest purchases the insurance at a cost of $35. If insurance is purchased a full refund to the owner providing the cancellation is made 48 hours in advance to the time of rental.

Without insurance a guest who cancels their reservation will be refunded 90% of their deposit if the owner can rent the villa to another guest for the same time.

There will be no daily maid-service provided unless requested by owner to resort. Guest will be charged for requested service.

Occupants are responsible for making their own reservations for use of any amenities.

No pets or animals of any kind (except properly licensed and certified service animals for disabled persons) may be kept in any unit or elsewhere within the resort.

Occupant shall not make or permit any disturbing noises or offensive odors that would interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of other owners or guests. Musical instruments, stereos, televisions, radios, etc. should have their volume turned down from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

Smoking shall not be allowed in the villa or other parts of the building.

No more than the maximum number of adults permitted are to spend the night in the villa. For purpose of determining maximum occupancy, a person shall be deemed an adult if he or she is at least fourteen (14) years of age.

No barbecue grills of any type may be set up or used.

Renter shall be responsible for disposing of refuse and bagged garbage in areas expressly provided.

No occupant shall allow anything whatsoever to fall from the windows, patios, decks, balconies, entryways or doors.

Occupant will be responsible for damages to the villa or its contents as well as any other property at the resort, resulting from negligent or intentional act.

Occupant will also be responsible for any loss of income do to damages that cause the villa to become untenable.

Occupant will be responsible for any attorney fees charged to the owner in collecting for damages or loss of income resulting from negligence, intentional act, or unpaid personal charges.

Occupant will be charged a penalty of 200% of the fair rental value of their villa for everyday that they stay beyond the reserved use period.